Rail Travel



We have had guests get to L'Olivette sucessfully and comfortabley by train.

R and T came all the way from St Pancras in London to Carcassonne in a little over 10 hours as foot passengers. Plenty of carrying capacity in their ruck sacks for two weeks of a handluggage holiday!


Then There Is The Autotrain.

We haven't used it but guests K&G have used it before, here's their experience.

We have used the Autotrain two times now. Once from Avignon to Paris and then both ways Paris to Narbonne, if you book when the rail tickets come out (three months in advance passenger train , six months I think autotrain) the passenger tickets are better value (on one journey 1st class was cheaper than second). 


We have stayed overnight both in Paris and Narbonne before collecting the car the following day. For us it really works as we do not have to drive all the way down France but we still have our car, and for anyone who wants to do a two resort holiday you can use different stations for the outward and inward leg. Also it means you can bring as much luggage as the car can hold (or use the space on the return journey for wine!!) Regards to cost it initially looked expensive, but once fuel, tolls and accommodation en route are added it really isn't in comparison.


Touch wood, thus far we have had no damage to the car. If you plan well there is a shuttle bus to the main station at Narbonne.


Come as guests ... Leave as friends