The Buns are comfortable without our clothes on when relaxing, sunning and swimming. We hope many of our guests will share that pleasure. If it isn't for you, we will respect that choice too. If you want to try naturism for the first time ... that is your choice.

Wear what suits the environment you are in.... and what makes you comfortable in it.

It is not about us seeing you naked, it is not about you seeing us naked, it is not about sex. Naturism is about being in harmony with nature and care for the natural environment. These are things that typify our approach to naturism. Fighting nature just for the sake of fashion, style, dogma or belief is contrary to that harmony.

When it is cold wrap up in warm clothes and keep cold out. When it rains take shelter under an umbrella. When the cold wind blows put on a coat.

When it is sunny and warm take off your clothes, open the window, stand in a cooling breeze or sit in the shadows

Live in harmony with nature, change as it does and leave smaller footprints .... that is why we want to have a nice naturist vibe about L'Olivette

But if you want to wear clothes today or every day ........ that is OK too

Come as guests ... Leave as friends