The values we respect at L'Olivette


Dress Code

At L'Olivette naturism is the norm, but not the rule. We want people to enjoy the freedoms of naturism with us.


However not everyone has the self confidence or desire to get the all over tan, even if their partner has. Our guests are free to wear as little as they want at any given time. Please respect the dress choices of others.

The only time we insist on any clothing is in the house, where we ask that your lower body is covered with a wrap, a towel or shorts, simply to protect the soft furnishings.


Caunes is small community and we ask that everyone behaves with respect toward the community. Remember everybody is entitled to the same privacy that we want and not to have others forcing themselves into our space:


We like to take photographs of our holidays. If we are taking pictures in a textile resort no one minds being in the background .. getting them out of the foreground is hard enough!

We allow digital (not film) photography at L'Olivette. It must be done openly.

Any guest can ask to see all the photographs in the memory to ensure that there are no unsuitable images of them. In the event of someone being unhappy, please respect their wishes and delete the picture without argument.

Conversely if someone is taking a photograph, please respect their choice and give them room to do so if asked. If you are 'caught' in someone's picture ask yourself, could you be identified from this picture? and would it cause you harm before exercising the right to have it deleted.

The Line in the Sand

The L'Olivette is our home, as such:

will result in the perpetrators being asked to leave immediately without a refund.

Come as guests ... Leave as friends