Hand Luggage Holiday


What is a Hand Luggage Holiday?
A Hand Luggage Holiday is one where you take everything you need to have a great holiday in your hand luggage. As a naturist or someone prepared to try reducing their clothing by day you are taking the first step in reducing your hold baggage needs and costs! However there are many other things needed just to live comfortably, let alone to make for a great holiday.

Why would we want a Hand Luggage Holiday?
Many airlines now charge for each bag each way .. travelling hand luggage only offers a considerable saving on your cost of flying. Electronic check-in saves time on arrival at the airport, but it works best if you don't have to check any hold baggage. On arrival no waiting at the carousel, no lifting heavy bags, no hurting your back doing it! Just walk straight through to your transfer or car hire.... and off on your holiday. Less to worry about, your hand luggage won't get on a different plane without you. Travelling light means a smaller carbon footprint. 
So how does the L'Olivette deliver a Hand Luggage Holiday?
Firstly we sat down and made our packing list of all the 'stuff' we use to take with us when we travelled. Then we set about working out how to take it out of your baggage. This the answer we came up with....

On arrival at the L'Olivette in your room you will find:

A bottle of local wine or a cold beer

A comfy bed all ready to jump into

Freshly laundered hand and bath towels

Beach / pool towels

Soap and shampoo

A hair drier

Facilities in your apartment at the L'Olivette include:

A kitchen with a fridge, a smaller cooker, microwave oven, pots, pans, plates etc.

Gas Barbeque

Iron and ironing board

Laundry facilities (small fee for powder etc.)

TV & DVD player

 DVD collection

A huge library

Lap top PC with Wi FI  Internet

Garden games

Sun loungers

Purchased on your behalf and waiting in your room for your arrival (if available locally):

Your Brand of Shampoo

Your Brand of Shower Gel

Your favourite Sun Screen

Also available from the L'Olivette:

Welcome Home Tray (Chilled wine/water and snacks). Just the thing to come home to after a hard day touring the wineries or relaxing on a beach, order the day before ..

Picnic Lunch Packs

Light lunch at the poolside

Evening Meals up to 3 nights a week

A range of frozen home made meals for the days when going anywhere is suddenly not appealing

Honesty Bar

Airport Transfer

Come as guests ... Leave as friends